Formal Education Will Make You a Living, Self-Education Will Make You a Fortune…Jim Rohr


By:  Chris Kaucnik, Executive Editor, YRI

Educating yourself on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will improve your real estate business’s bottom line by driving targeted traffic and more leads to you creating increased sales and listings.  The myth around SEO is that it is so complicated with all those Google algorithm changes; no one can understand it unless they are a programmer.  This simply isn’t true.  While Google does constantly adjust the crawlers that visit your website, you can up your search engine rankings just by consistently publishing high quality, keyword rich content to your website.

But that new content could all be for nothing if you don’t also focus on a few other SEO chores to make sure Google sees your site as clean and responsive to users, giving you higher authority to rank better in organic search. You will want to be careful to eliminate any structural or other technical issues with your website too.

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